LORD, in this blest and hallowed hour
    Reveal Thy presence and Thy power,
Show to my faith Thy hands and side,
My Lord and God, the Crucified.
2  Here would I find a calm retreat,
From vain distractions, near Thy feet,
And, borne above all earthly care,
Be joyful in Thy house of prayer.
3  Or let me through the opening skies
Catch one bright glimpse of paradise,
And realise, with raptured awe,
The vision dying Stephen saw.
4  But if unworthy of such joy,
Still shall Thy love my heart employ,
For of Thy favoured children’s fare
’Tis bliss the very crumbs to share.
5  Yet never can my soul be fed
With less than Thee, the living Bread;
Thyself unto my soul impart,
And with Thy presence fill my heart.
Josiah Conder, 1789-1855