JESUS invites His saints
   To meet around His board;
Here pardoned rebels sit and hold
    Communion with their Lord.
2      Blest tokens of His flesh,
    And of His outpoured blood:
Amazing favour! matchess grace
    Of our descending God.
3      So shall the bread and wine
    Maintain our fainting breath,
Symbols of union with our Lord,
    And interest in His death.
4      Our heavenly Father calls
    Christ and His members one;
We, the young children of His love,
    And He the first-born Son.
5      We are but several parts
    Of the same broken bread;
The body has its several limbs,
    But Jesus is the Head.
6      Let all our powers be joined,
    His glorious name to raise;
Pleasure and love fill every mind,
    And every voice be praise.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748