JESUS, Thou everlasting King,
   Accept the tribute which we bring;
Accept the well-deserved renown,
And wear our praises as Thy crown.
2  Let every act of worship be
Like our espousals, Lord, to Thee;
Like the dear hour when from above
We first received Thy pledge of love.
3  The gladness of that happy day—
Our hearts would wish it long to stay;
Nor let our faith forsake its hold,
Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold.
4  Each following minute as it flies,
Increase Thy praise, improve our joys,
Till we are raised to sing Thy name
At the great Supper of the Lamb.
5  O that the months would roll away,
And bring that coronation day;
The King of Grace shall fill the throne,
His Father’s glory all His own.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748