THOU glorious Sun of Righteousness,
   On this day risen to set no more,
Shine on us now, to heal and bless,
    With brighter beams than e’er before.
2  Shine on Thy pure eternal Word,
    Its mysteries to our souls reveal;
And whether read, remembered, heard,
    O, let it quicken, strengthen, heal.
3  Shine on the temples of Thy grace,
    In righteousness Thy saints be clad;
Unveil the brightness of Thy face,
    And make Thy chosen people glad.
4  Shine on Thy work of grace within,
    On each celestial blossom there;
Destroy each bitter root of sin,
    And make Thy garden fresh and fair.
5  Shine till Thy glorious beams shall chase
    The gloomy cloud from every eye;
Till every earthly dwelling-place
    Shall hail the Dayspring from on high.
6  Shine on, shine on, eternal Sun!
    Pour richer floods of life and light,
Till that bright Sabbath be begun,
    That glorious day which knows no night.
Charlotte Elliott, 1789-1871