689Psalm 26:86 6. 6 6
WE love the place, O God,
   Wherein Thine honour dwells;
The joy of Thine abode
    All earthly joy excels.
2  It is the house of prayer,
    Wherein Thy servants meet;
And Thou, O Lord, art there
    Thy chosen flock to greet.
3  We love the Word of life,
    The Word that tells of peace,
Of comfort in the strife,
    And joys that never cease.
4  We love to sing below
    Of mercies freely given;
But O, we long to know
    The triumph song of Heaven.
5  Our first and latest love
    To Zion shall be given—
The House of God above,
    On earth the gate of Heaven.
vv 1, 2, 5 William Bullock, 1798-1874,
vv 3-4 Henry Williams Baker, 1821-77