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    GREAT King of Zion, now
   Display Thy matchless grace;
    In love the heavens bow,
        With glory fill this place:
Beneath this roof, O deign to show
How God doth dwell with man below.
2      Here may Thine ears attend
        Our interceding cries,
    And grateful praise ascend
        All fragrant to the skies:
Here may Thy Word melodious sound,
To spread celestial joys around.
3      Here may the attentive throng
        Imbibe Thy Truth and love,
    And converts join the song
        Of seraphim above;
May willing crowds thus own their Lord,
In sacred joy and sweet accord.
4      Here may our future sons
        And daughters sing Thy praise,
    And shine like polished stones
        Through long succeeding days;
Here, Lord, display Thy saving power
Until the last triumphant hour.
Benjamin Francis, 1734-99