* Ebenezer (Heb: ‘stone of help’) —
a public memorial to the help of
the Lord in 1 Samuel 7:12
    NOW through another year,
   Supported by His care,
We raise our Ebenezer* here:
    ‘The Lord has helped thus far.’
2      When in our sins we lay,
    He would not let us die,
Because His love had fixed a day
    To bring salvation nigh.
3      And since His name we knew,
    How gracious has He been!
What dangers has He led us through,
    What mercies have we seen!
4      Our lot in future years,
    We cannot now foresee:
He—to prevent our anxious fears—
    Says, ‘Leave it all to Me.’
5      So, Lord, we wish to cast
    Our cares upon Thy breast;
Help us to praise Thee for the past,
    And trust Thee for the rest.
John Newton, 1725-1807