AND though our bodies part,
    To distant lands repair;
Inseparably joined in heart
    The friends of Jesus are.
2      O, let us still proceed
    In Jesus’ work below;
And, following our triumphant Head,
    To farther conquests go!
3      The vineyard of their Lord
    Before His labourers lies;
And lo! we see the vast reward
    Which waits us in the skies . . .
4      Where all our toils are o’er
    Our suffering and our pain!
Who meet on that eternal shore
    Shall never part again.
5      O happy, happy place,
    Where saints and angels meet!
There we shall see each other’s face,
    And all our brethren greet.
6      The Church of the first-born,
    We shall with them be blest,
And, crowned with endless joy, return
    To our eternal rest.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88