75Psalm 758 8 6. 8 8 6
THAT God the Lord is ever nigh,
   Though veiled in awesome majesty,
    His mighty works declare!
His hand the universe upholds,
His eye the peopled world beholds
    With providential care.
2  The Lord sets up; the Lord pulls down;
To Him the monarch owes his crown,
    The conqueror his wreath;
In Him all creatures live and move;
He reigns supreme in Heaven above,
    And in the earth beneath.
3  Great King of kings, and Lord of lords,
Whose hand chastises and rewards,
    Thee only we adore;
To Thee the voice of praise shall rise,
In hallelujahs to the skies,
    When time shall be no more.
Harriet Auber, 1773-1862