76 (1)Psalm 76 Version 1LM
AMONG His people, God is known,
    Present in all His might and grace;
He calls the church His very own,
    Her courts of prayer His dwelling-place.
2  When God the righteous Judge appeared,
    To save His church from wrong and shame,
The powers of earth stood still and feared
    As from the heavens their judgement came.
3  All foes shall yield to Jesus’ sway,
    Bound even now by His decree,
Restrained from following all their way,
    To vent their worst hostility.
4  So let us all our praises bring,
    Loved by the One, Whom earth shall fear;
The Judge of every prince and king
    Is He to Whom the saints draw near!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust