76 (2)Psalm 76 Version 2CM
IN Judah God of old was known:
   His name in Israel great;
In Salem stood His royal throne,
    And Zion was His seat.
2  From Zion went His awesome word,
    Which broke the threatening spear,
The bow, the arrow and the sword,
    And crushed th’oppressor’s war.
3  What power can stand before His sight
    When once His wrath appears?
When He reveals His power and might
    The earth lies still and fears.
4  The wrath of man shall work His praise
    In God’s delivering hour,
For in conspicuous saving ways
    He shows superior power.
5  Yield to the Lord, and tribute bring,
    You rulers—fear His frown;
His judgements shake the proudest king,
    And bring his armies down.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡