77 (2)Psalm 77 Version 2
(from v 7)
7 6. 7 6. D
HAS God cast off for ever?
   Can time His Truth impair?
His tender mercy never
    Shall I presume to share?
Has He His lovingkindness
    Shut up in endless wrath?
No; this is my own blindness,
    That cannot see His path.
2  I call to recollection
    The years of His right hand;
And, strong in His protection,
    Again through faith I stand:
Thy deeds declare Thy wonder;
    Holy are all Thy ways;
The mighty voice of thunder
    Shall utter forth Thy praise.
3  Thy way is in great waters,
    Thy footsteps are not known;
Let Adam’s sons and daughters
    Confide in Thee alone:
Through the wild sea Thou leddest
    Thy chosen flock of yore;
Still on the waves Thou treadest,
    And Thy redeemed pass o’er.
James Montgomery, 1771-1854