78 (1)Psalm 78 Version 1DCM
O PRAISE our great and gracious Lord,
   And call upon His name;
To strains of joy tune every chord,
    His mighty acts proclaim.
Tell how He led His chosen race
    To Canaan’s promised land;
Tell how His covenant of grace,
    Unchanged shall ever stand.
2  He gave the shadowing cloud by day,
    The moving fire by night;
To guide His children on their way,
    He made their darkness light.
We also have a sure retreat,
    A Saviour ever nigh;
And clearest light to guide our feet,
    A Word from God on high!
3  We, too, have manna from above,
    The bread that came from Heaven;
And Jesus, from His hand of love,
    Has living waters given.
A Rock we have, from which a spring
    In rich abundance flows;
‘That Rock is Christ,’ our Priest, our King,
    Who life and health bestows.
4  O Lord, we lean upon Thy Word,
    And Thee our heavenly Guide;
So shall we find death’s fearful flood
    Serene as Jordan’s tide;
And safely reach that happy shore,
    The land of peace and rest,
Where we shall worship and adore,
    In God’s own presence blest.
Harriet Auber, 1773-1862