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Psalm 78 Version 2
GIVE ear to the Lord,
   Attend to His Word,
In parables clear
    The Truth shall be heard;
For God has commanded
    That all He has done
To all generations
    Must surely be known.
2  The story be told,
    To warn and restrain,
Of hearts that were hard,
    Rebellious and vain;
But God, in compassion,
    Reluctant to slay,
Forgave them, and oft turned
    His anger away.
3  They limited God,
    The Most Holy One,
And hindered the work,
    His grace had begun;
The hand that was mighty
    To save they forgot;
Their day of redemption
    Remembering not.
4  Shall we thus rebel?
    And tempt our dear Lord?
Unfaithfully turn
    To ‘idols’ abhorred?
That God in His anger
    Should bless us no more,
And leave us defenceless
    And chasten us sore.
5  O keep us, our God,
    And seal every heart,
That we may be true
    And never depart;
May Jesus our Shepherd
    Be loved and adored,
Obeyed with devotion
    As our only Lord.
Based on The Psalter, 1912