80 (2)Psalm 80 Version 2
(from v 7)
8 7. 8 7. D
SAVIOUR, visit Thy plantation,
   Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain!
All will come to desolation
    Unless Thou return again.
Keep no longer at a distance,
    Shine upon us from on high,
Lest, for want of Thine assistance,
    Every plant should droop and die.
2  Surely, once Thy garden flourished,
    Every part looked strong and green;
Then Thy Word our spirits nourished,
    Happy seasons we have seen!
But a drought has since succeeded,
    And a sad decline we see;
Lord, Thy help is sorely needed;
    Help can only come from Thee.
3  Where are those devoted leaders,
    Filled with zeal, and love, and truth?
Older pilgrims, tall as cedars,
    Bright examples to our youth!
Some, in whom we once delighted,
    Are no longer here below;
Others, sadly, now are blighted,
    Scarce a single leaf they show.
4  Let our mutual hopes be fervent,
    Make us earnest in our prayers;
Let each one who is Thy servant
    Shun the world’s bewitching snares.
Break the tempter’s fatal power,
    Turn the stony heart to flesh;
And begin from this good hour
    To revive Thy work afresh.
John Newton, 1725-1807