89 (3)Psalm 89 Version 37 6. 7 6. D
MY song shall be of mercy;
   Come all who love the Lord,
Who know that He is gracious,
    Who trust His faithful Word:
Tell out His works with gladness,
    With me exalt His name,
Whose love endures for ever,
    To endless years the same.
2  My song shall be of judgement;
    All who His chastenings feel,
O faint not, nor be weary:
    He wounds that He may heal.
Come, bless the hand that smites you,
    And in your grief confess
That all His ways are wisdom
    And truth and righteousness.
3  Of mercy and of judgement
    To Thee, O Lord, we sing;
O Father, Son, and Spirit,
    Our great, eternal King;
For only Thou art holy,
    For Thou art God alone;
And mercy still and judgement
    Are pillars of Thy throne.
Henry Downton, 1818-85