9Psalm 9LM
SING to the Lord, Who here proclaims,
   His various and His saving names;
And may they not be words alone,
But by our sure experience known!
2  Our God Almighty be adored,
Eternal, all-sufficient Lord!
This righteous Lord for ever reigns;
Justice and truth He still maintains.
3  The sovereign Judge prepares His throne,
And will His awesome power make known
To vindicate the righteous cause,
If mortals dare defy His laws.
4  Awake our noblest powers to bless
The God of Ages—God of Peace;
Yet by a dearer title known—
Father and God of Christ His Son.
5  Through every age His gracious ear
Is open to His servant’s prayer;
Nor can one humble soul complain,
That it has sought the Lord in vain.
6  To Thee our souls in faith arise,
To Thee we lift expectant eyes;
And boldly through this desert tread,
For Thou wilt guard where Thou shalt lead.
Philip Doddridge, 1702-51