94Psalm 94LM
CAN guilty man, indeed, believe
   That God Who made and knows the heart,
Shall not the sinner’s crimes perceive
    Nor see into the inmost part?
2  Shall He Who, with transcendent skill,
    Fashioned the eye and formed the ear;
Who modelled nature to His will,
    Shall He not see? Shall He not hear?
3  Shall He, Who framed the human mind,
    And bade its vital life to glow,
Who all its varied powers combined,
    Shall He not see? Shall He not know?
4  Surely His eye at once surveys
    All that intrudes creation’s space;
He sees our thoughts, and marks our ways,
    He knows no bounds of time and place.
5  Lord, as we bow beneath Thine eye,
    How dark our hearts, how wrong within;
Hear our repentant, pleading cry,
    Pardon and cleanse away our sin.
Harriet Auber, 1773-1862‡