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Hymns with metre 8 7. 8 7
At Thy feet, our God and Father (James Drummond Burns)
Hear, O Lord, our supplication (Henry Francis Lyte)
In the floods of tribulation (Samuel Pearce)
In Thy wrath and hot displeasure (The Psalter)
Is there glory found in cunning (Evangelical Psalter)
Jesus, Lord, our strength and Saviour (Evangelical Psalter)
Let us all, with grateful praises (Joseph Hart)
May the grace of Christ our Saviour (John Newton)
New-born souls who taste salvation (John Fawcett)
Now, the sowing and the weeping (Frances Ridley Havergal)
O how blest the hour, Lord Jesus (Carl Johann Philipp Spitta)
On the wings of faith uprising (Joseph Swain)
Praise the Lord with exultation (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him (Foundling Hospital Collection)
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing (William Walter Shirley)
Vain the toiling of the builder (Harriet Auber)