102Psalm 102CM
HEAR me, O Lord, nor hide Thy face,
   When I in troubles lie,
Hast Thou not made a throne of grace
    To hear when sinners cry?
2  My days, like smoke, are wasted, vain,
    Dispersing in the air;
My strength is dried, my heart in pain,
    And sinking in despair.
3  I am deprived of former joy,
    And conscious of Thy frown;
Thy hand advanced me once so high,
    But now has cast me down.
4  But Thou for ever art the same,
    O my eternal God!
In days to come I’ll love Thy name
    And speak Thy works abroad.
5  Thou wilt arise and show Thy face,
    Nor will my Lord delay
Beyond the appointed hour of grace,
    That set and certain day.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡