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Hymns with metre CM
According to Thy gracious Word (James Montgomery)
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? (Isaac Watts)
Almighty Father of mankind (Michael Bruce)
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound (John Newton)
And must I part with all I have (Benjamin Beddome)
Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat (John Newton)
Are we the soldiers of the Cross (Isaac Watts)
As pants the deer for streams of life (Evangelical Psalter)
As pants the hart for cooling streams (Nahum Tate)
Begin my tongue a heavenly theme (Isaac Watts)
Behold the amazing gift of love (Scottish Paraphrases)
Behold the glories of the Lamb (Isaac Watts)
Behold the love, the generous love (Isaac Watts)
Behold the mountain of the Lord (Michael Bruce)
Behold the sure foundation stone (Isaac Watts)
Blest be the dear uniting love (Charles Wesley)
Blest be the everlasting God (Isaac Watts)
Blest is the church, where God the Lord (Isaac Watts)
Blest morning, whose first dawning rays (Isaac Watts)
Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire (Charles Wesley)
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove (Isaac Watts)
Come, humble souls, approach your God (Anne Steele)
Come, let us join our cheerful songs (Isaac Watts)
Come, let us join with reverent fear (Isaac Watts)
Come, let us to the Lord our God (John Morison)
Come, O Thou all-victorious Lord (Charles Wesley)
Come, praise the Lord with sacred song (Isaac Watts)
Consider all my troubles, Lord (Isaac Watts)
Early, my God, without delay (Isaac Watts)
Enthroned on high, almighty Lord (Thomas Haweis)
Far from these narrow scenes of night (Anne Steele)
Father of mercies, in Thy Word (Anne Steele)
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God (Horatius Bonar)
For ever here my rest shall be (Charles Wesley)
For ever, Lord, Thy Word shall stand (Evangelical Psalter)
For mercies countless as the sands (John Newton)
Give me the wings of faith to rise (Isaac Watts)
Give thanks to God, invoke His name (Isaac Watts)
God counts the sorrows of His saints (Isaac Watts)
God moves in a mysterious way (William Cowper)
Great God! how infinite art Thou! (Isaac Watts)
Great God, when I approach Thy throne (William Hiley Bathurst)
Great Shepherd of Thy people, hear (John Newton)
Hail, mighty Jesus! how divine (Benjamin Wallin)
Happy are they whose tender care (Nahum Tate)
Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes (Philip Doddridge)
Hast thou not known, hast thou not heard (Isaac Watts)
He Who on earth as man was known (John Newton)
Heal us, Emmanuel! we are here (William Cowper)
Hear me, O Lord, nor hide Thy face (Isaac Watts)
Here at the Gospel pool, the poor (John Newton)
How blest are they who keep God’s Word (Isaac Watts)
How blest are they who turn to God (Evangelical Psalter)
How blest are we if God the Lord (Isaac Watts)
How bright these glorious spirits shine! (Isaac Watts)
How great and glorious is the place (Isaac Watts)
How long, eternal God, how long (Isaac Watts)
How long wilt Thou conceal Thy face? (Isaac Watts)
How lovely are Thy dwellings fair (John Milton)
How precious is the book divine (John Fawcett)
How sad our state by nature is! (Isaac Watts)
How shall I praise the eternal God (Isaac Watts)
How soon! my God, my joys shall rise (Isaac Watts)
How sweet and awesome is the place (Isaac Watts)
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight (Joseph Swain)
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds (John Newton)
I cried unto the Lord my God (Evangelical Psalter)
I know not why God’s wondrous grace (Daniel Webster Whittle) *
I love the Lord Who heard my cry (The Psalter)
I once despised and scorned the name (Evangelical Psalter)
I sing the almighty power of God (Isaac Watts)
I waited for the Lord my God (Scottish Psalter)
I want a principle within (Charles Wesley)
I will extol Thee, Lord, my God (Evangelical Psalter)
I’m not ashamed to own my Lord (Isaac Watts)
In close communion, Lord, with Thee (The Psalter)
In evil long I took delight (John Newton)
In Jesus’ name, with one accord (William Hiley Bathurst)
In Judah God of old was known (Isaac Watts)
In times of weakness and of blight (Evangelical Psalter)
In trouble and distress I cry (Evangelical Psalter)
In vain the powers of darkness try (Henry Francis Lyte)
Incarnate God! the soul that knows (John Newton)
Infinite grief! amazing woe! (Isaac Watts)
I’ve found the pearl of greatest price (John Mason)
Jerusalem, my happy home (Joseph Bromehead)
Jesus, commissioned from above (Ambrose Serle)
Jesus! exalted far on high (Thomas Cotterill)
Jesus, if Thou art still today (Charles Wesley)
Jesus our Lord invites us here (Isaac Watts)
Jesus! Redeemer, Saviour, Lord (Augustus Montague Toplady)
Jesus! the name high over all (Charles Wesley)
Jesus, Thine all-victorious love (Charles Wesley)
Joy to the world! the Lord is come (Isaac Watts)
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace (Benjamin Barton)
Let all the earth revere the Lord (Isaac Watts)
Let all the listening world attend (Nahum Tate)
Let all the world’s fair writers join (Isaac Watts)
Let every creature join and sing (Isaac Watts)
Let every mortal ear attend (Isaac Watts)
Let shallow things of earth depart (Anne Steele)
Let worldly minds this world pursue (John Newton)
Light up this house with glory, Lord (John Harris)
Lo! what a glorious sight appears (Isaac Watts)
Long as I live I’ll bless Thy name (Isaac Watts)
Lord, for our children we would plead (Thomas Hastings)
Lord, I would stand with thoughtful eye (Henry Francis Lyte)
Lord, in the fulness of my might (Thomas Hornblower Gill)
Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear (Isaac Watts)
Lord Jesus, near to Thee I’d be (Evangelical Psalter)
Lord, teach us how to pray aright (James Montgomery)
Lord, we confess our numerous faults (Isaac Watts)
Lord, when I lift my voice to Thee (William Hiley Bathurst)
Lord, when iniquities abound (Isaac Watts)
Lord, Who at Cana didst appear (John Berridge)
My Father, it is good for me (George Rawson)
My heart is resting, O my God (Anna Letitia Waring)
My life was fashioned by Thy hand (Isaac Watts)
My long rebellious heart, O Lord (Richard Baxter)
My Saviour and almighty Friend (Isaac Watts)
My Shepherd will supply my need (Isaac Watts)
My soul amid this stormy world (Robert Cleaver Chapman)
My soul, how lovely is the place (Isaac Watts)
My soul lies cleaving to the dust (Isaac Watts)
My soul, the final hour will come (Philip Doddridge)
My soul, triumphant in the Lord (Philip Doddridge)
Now let our cheerful eyes survey (Philip Doddridge)
Now may the God of peace and love (Thomas Gibbons)
O for a closer walk with God (William Cowper)
O for a heart to praise my God (Charles Wesley)
O for a thousand tongues to sing (Charles Wesley)
O God, my refuge, hear my cries (Isaac Watts)
O God of Bethel, by Whose hand (Philip Doddridge)
O happy is the man who hears (Michael Bruce)
O hasten, Lord, my soul to bless (Evangelical Psalter)
O how I long to reach my home (Charlotte Elliott)
O humble souls who seek the Lord (Philip Doddridge)
O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me (Johann Caspar Lavater)
O Lord, at times my heart is cold (Evangelical Psalter)
O Lord, from Whom there’s nought concealed (John Newton)
O Lord, I would delight in Thee (John Ryland)
O Lord, our Lord, how high, how great (Isaac Watts)
O Lord, the steps of all Thy saints (Isaac Watts)
O may my heart by grace renewed (John Fawcett)
O mean may seem this house of clay (Thomas Hornblower Gill)
O praise the Lord, for He is good (Nahum Tate)
O praise the risen Prince of Light (Isaac Watts)
O precious words that Jesus said! (Fanny J. Crosby)
O send Thy light forth and Thy Truth (The Psalter)
O that I knew the secret place (Isaac Watts)
O the delights, the heavenly joys (Isaac Watts)
O Thou, my strength, with heart oppressed (Evangelical Psalter)
O what has Jesus bought for me! (Charles Wesley)
O why do mournful thoughts arise (Isaac Watts)
On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand (Samuel Stennett)
Our God, our help in ages past (Isaac Watts)
Our Lord is risen from the dead (Charles Wesley)
Physician of my sin-sick soul (John Newton)
Plunged in a gulf of dark despair (Isaac Watts)
Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire (James Montgomery)
Rebuke me not in anger, Lord (Evangelical Psalter)
Rejoice, believer, in the Lord (John Newton)
Speak to us, Lord, Thyself reveal (Charles Wesley)
Spirit divine, attend our prayers (Andrew Reed)
That awesome day will surely come (Isaac Watts)
The golden gates are lifted up (Cecil Frances Alexander)
The head that once was crowned with thorns (Thomas Kelly)
The kings of earth are in the hands (Evangelical Psalter)
The Lord will hear when troubles come (Evangelical Psalter)
The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want (Scottish Psalter)
The mighty God, the Lord, has called (Evangelical Psalter)
The New Year, Lord, we welcome make (Thomas Hornblower Gill)
The offering on the altar burned (The Psalter)
The race that long in darkness pined (John Morison)
The Saviour calls; let every ear (Anne Steele)
The Saviour Who redeemed our souls (Harriet Auber)
The spacious earth is all the Lord’s (Evangelical Psalter)
The Spirit breathes upon the Word (William Cowper)
The volume of my Father’s grace (Isaac Watts)
There is a fountain filled with blood (William Cowper)
There is a green hill far away (Cecil Frances Alexander)
There is a house not made with hands (Isaac Watts)
There is a land of pure delight (Isaac Watts)
There is a name I love to hear (Frederick Whitfield)
There is a safe and secret place (Henry Francis Lyte)
There is an hour when I must part (Andrew Reed)
These children, Lord, in faith and prayer (Thomas Haweis)
They hate me, Lord, without a cause (Isaac Watts)
This is the day the Lord has made (Isaac Watts)
Thou art my portion, O my God (Isaac Watts)
Thou art the Way, to Thee alone (George Washington Doane)
Through all the changing scenes of life (Nahum Tate)
Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love (Charles Wesley)
Thy mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord (The Psalter)
Thy servant, saved by Thee, shall live (The Psalter)
To Calvary, Lord, in spirit now (Edward Denny)
We praise and bless Thee, gracious Lord (Carl Johann Philipp Spitta)
What God th’Almighty Lord will speak (John Milton)
What shall I render to my God (Isaac Watts)
When all Thy mercies, O my God (Joseph Addison)
When any turn from Zion’s way (John Newton)
When dangers press and fears invade (Harriet Auber)
When fears arise and trials oppress (Augustus Montague Toplady)
When forth from Egypt’s trembling hand (George Burgess)
When God revealed His gracious name (Isaac Watts)
When I in awe and wonder stand (Isaac Watts)
When wounded sore, the stricken soul (Cecil Frances Alexander)
Where God begins His gracious work (Albert Midlane)
While shepherds watched their flocks by night (Nahum Tate)
Why do we mourn departing friends (Isaac Watts)
With all my heart I’ll praise the Lord (Evangelical Psalter)
With glorious clouds encompassed round (Charles Wesley)
With joy we meditate the grace (Isaac Watts)
Witness, all men and angels now (Benjamin Beddome)
Zeal is that pure and heavenly flame (John Newton)