104 (2)Psalm 104 Version 2
(from v 27)
VAST are Thy works, Almighty Lord,
   All nature rests upon Thy word,
And every race of creature stands
Waiting their portion from Thy hands.
2  But when Thy face is turned, they mourn,
And dying to the dust return;
Both man and beast their souls resign;
Life, breath, and spirit, all are Thine.
3  Yet Thou canst breathe on dust again,
And fill the world with beasts and men,
A word of Thy creating breath,
Repairs the waste of time and death.
4  At Thy mere touch the mountains smoke,
And earth stands trembling at Thy stroke!
Yet humble hearts may seek Thy face,
And trust their needs to sovereign grace.
5  In Thee our hopes and wishes meet,
O make our meditations sweet,
Praises shall all our hearts employ
Till they translate to endless joy.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748