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Hymns with metre LM
All praise to Thee, my God, this night (Thomas Ken)
All that I am I owe to Thee (The Psalter)
Almighty Maker of my frame (Anne Steele)
Amidst us our Belovèd stands (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)
Among His people, God is known (Evangelical Psalter)
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! (Henry March)
At even, ere the sun was set ( Henry Twells)
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays (Samuel Medley)
Awake, my soul, to God draw near (Thomas Ken)
Awake, our souls; away, our fears (Isaac Watts)
Be still, my heart! all anxious cares (John Newton)
Be with me, Lord, where’er I go (John Cennick)
Before Jehovah’s awesome throne (Isaac Watts)
Before the throne of God above (Charitee Lees Bancroft)
Believers, like their Lord of old (Henry Francis Lyte)
Blessèd are they, supremely blest (Charles Wesley)
Blest are the humble souls that see (Isaac Watts)
Can guilty man, indeed, believe (Harriet Auber)
Can mortals understand or find (Isaac Watts)
Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell (Isaac Watts)
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove (Simon Browne)
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine (Adoniram Judson)
Come, let our voices join to raise (Isaac Watts)
Come, let us sing the song of songs (James Montgomery)
Come, O our God, our souls to bless (Evangelical Psalter)
Command Thy blessing from above (James Montgomery)
Dear Lord, and shall Thy Spirit rest (Anne Steele)
Deceit and falsehood we abhor (Evangelical Psalter)
Descend from Heaven, Immortal Dove (Isaac Watts)
Emptied of earth I long to be (Augustus Montague Toplady)
Ere the blue heavens were stretched abroad (Isaac Watts)
Eternal Power! Whose high abode (Isaac Watts)
Eternal Spirit! how we bless (Isaac Watts)
Extended on a cursèd tree (Paul Gerhardt)
Father of Heaven, Whose love profound (Edward Cooper)
Father of mercies, bow Thine ear (Benjamin Beddome)
From age to age exalt His name (Evangelical Psalter)
From all that dwell below the skies (Isaac Watts)
From every stormy wind that blows (Hugh Stowell)
Give to our God immortal praise (Isaac Watts)
Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame (Isaac Watts)
Go, labour on, spend, and be spent (Horatius Bonar)
God in His earthly kingdom lays (Isaac Watts)
God, in the Gospel of His Son (Benjamin Beddome)
God is the refuge of His saints (Isaac Watts)
God of my life, through all my days (Philip Doddridge)
God of my life, to Thee I call (William Cowper)
Great God, we sing that mighty hand (Philip Doddridge)
Great is the Lord; O greatly praise (Evangelical Psalter)
Had not the Lord, my heart may cry (John Ryland)
Happy the man who finds the grace (Charles Wesley)
He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns! (Isaac Watts)
He who has made his refuge God (Isaac Watts)
Head of the Church and Lord of all (Joseph Tritton)
Hear, gracious God, a sinner’s cry! (Samuel Medley)
High in the heavens, eternal God (Isaac Watts)
Honour and happiness unite (William Cowper)
How blest are they who fear the Lord (Isaac Watts)
How blest are they who fear the Lord (Evangelical Psalter)
How blest is life if lived for Thee (Prust’s Supplementary Hymnbook)
How frail and fallible am I! (William Hiley Bathurst)
How long hast Thou bestowed Thy care (John Newton)
How shall the young direct their way? (The Psalter)
How vast the treasure we possess! (Isaac Watts)
Humble us, Lord, before Thy Word (Evangelical Psalter)
I asked the Lord that I might grow (John Newton)
I know that my Redeemer lives; what comfort (Samuel Medley)
I know that my Redeemer lives; this thought (John Williams)
I thirst, but not as once I did (William Cowper)
I will extol Thee, Lord on high (Isaac Watts)
Jesus, and shall it ever be (Joseph Grigg)
Jesus, my All, to Heaven is gone (John Cennick)
Jesus, our best belovèd Friend (James Montgomery)
Jesus shall reign where’er the sun (Isaac Watts)
Jesus, the sinner’s Friend, to Thee (Charles Wesley)
Jesus, Thou everlasting King (Isaac Watts)
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness (Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf)
Jesus, Thy message speaks within (Isaac Watts)
Jesus, where’er Thy people meet (William Cowper)
Let me be with Thee where Thou art (Charlotte Elliott)
Let me but hear my Saviour say (Isaac Watts)
Lo, round the throne, a glorious band (Rowland Hill)
Look upon me, O Lord, forgive (Isaac Watts)
Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin (Isaac Watts)
Lord, I delight to find my place (William Goode)
Lord, I was blind, I could not see (William Tidd Matson)
Lord, in this blest and hallowed hour ( Josiah Conder)
Lord, speak to me, that I may speak (Frances Ridley Havergal)
Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I (Isaac Watts)
Lord, when our hearts perceive Thy worth (John Newton)
My best-belovèd keeps His throne (Isaac Watts)
My dear Redeemer and my Lord (Isaac Watts)
My God, in Whom are all the springs (Isaac Watts)
My gracious Lord, I own Thy right (Philip Doddridge)
My helper God! I bless His name (Philip Doddridge)
My song for ever shall record (The Psalter)
My spirit looks to God alone (Isaac Watts)
Nature with open volume stands (Isaac Watts)
Now be my heart inspired to sing (Isaac Watts)
Now let our mournful songs record (Isaac Watts)
Now let our souls on wings sublime (Thomas Gibbons)
Now let us join with hearts and tongues (John Newton)
Now may the Gospel’s conquering power (Thomas Kelly)
Now to the Lord a noble song! (Isaac Watts)
Now to the Lord, Who makes us know (Isaac Watts)
O Breath of God, breathe on us now (Alfred Henry Vine)
O Christ, our true and only Light (Johann Heermann)
O for a glance of heavenly day (Joseph Hart)
O God, Thou art my God alone (James Montgomery)
O God, Who didst Thy will unfold ( Josiah Conder)
O happy day, that fixed my choice (Philip Doddridge)
O how I love Thy holy Word (William Cowper)
O how the wonders of Thy law (James Merrick)
O Lord, accept my prayers, my vows (Isaac Watts)
O Lord, enlarge our scanty thought (Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf)
O Lord, Thou art my God and King (The Psalter)
O Love of God, how strong and true! (Horatius Bonar)
O now, my soul, forget no more (Krishna Pal)
O praise the Lord, ’tis good to raise (Henry Francis Lyte)
O Shepherd of the church, give ear (Isaac Watts)
O Spirit of the living God (James Montgomery)
O Thou, the hope of Israel’s host (Philip Doddridge)
O Thou Who camest from above (Charles Wesley)
O Thou Who hears when sinners cry (Isaac Watts)
O wherefore do the nations rage (The Psalter)
Often as death with solemn toll (John Newton)
Praise, everlasting praise, be paid (Isaac Watts)
Praise, Lord, for Thee, in Zion waits (Henry Francis Lyte)
Praise ye the Lord, exalt His name (Evangelical Psalter)
Praise ye the Lord; ’tis good to raise (Isaac Watts)
Preserve me, Lord, in time of need (Isaac Watts)
Redeemed from guilt, redeemed from fears (Henry Francis Lyte)
Rulers who make themselves as gods (Evangelical Psalter)
Salvation is for ever nigh (Isaac Watts)
Sing to the Lord through all the lands (Evangelical Psalter)
Sing to the Lord, Who here proclaims (Philip Doddridge)
So let our lips and lives express (Isaac Watts)
Speak in Thy power, our mighty God! (Evangelical Psalter)
Stay, Thou insulted Spirit, stay (Charles Wesley)
Stranger and pilgrim here below (Henry Francis Lyte)
Such grief was Thine, such deep distress (Evangelical Psalter)
Sweet is the work, my God, my King (Isaac Watts)
Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of Truth (Evangelical Psalter)
The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord (Isaac Watts)
The Lord is King! lift up your voice ( Josiah Conder)
The Lord my Saviour is my light (Anne Steele)
The Lord shall come! the earth shall quake (Reginald Heber)
The Son of God, in mighty love (Horatius Bonar)
The time is short ere all that live (Joseph Hoskins)
This day, at Thy creating word (William Walsham How)
Thou glorious Sun of Righteousness (Charlotte Elliott)
Thou only Sovereign of my heart (Anne Steele)
Thy promise, Lord, is perfect peace (Henry Francis Lyte)
To God will I direct my prayer (The Psalter)
‘To you this night is born a Child’ (Martin Luther)
Triumphant Zion, lift your head (Philip Doddridge)
’Twas with an everlasting love (John Kent)
Vast are Thy works, Almighty Lord (Isaac Watts)
Wait, O my soul, your Maker’s will (Benjamin Beddome)
We praise, we worship Thee, O God (Gell’s Collection)
We sing the praise of Him Who died (Thomas Kelly)
We wonder at the works of God (Joseph Hart)
What sinners value, I resign (Isaac Watts)
What various hindrances we meet (William Cowper)
When I survey the wondrous cross (Isaac Watts)
When pain and weakness bowed His head (Evangelical Psalter)
When tried, O Lord, with grief and woe (Evangelical Psalter)
Where high the heavenly temple stands (Michael Bruce)
Where shall we go to seek and find (Isaac Watts)
Where two or three, with sweet accord (Samuel Stennett)
Who is this loved one in distress (Isaac Watts)
Who shall condemn to endless flames (Benjamin Beddome)
Who shall the Lord’s elect condemn? (Isaac Watts)
With all my powers of heart and tongue (Isaac Watts)
With broken heart and contrite sigh (Cornelius Elven)