111 (1)Psalm 111 Version 18 7. 8 7
PRAISE the Lord with exultation,
   My whole heart my Lord shall praise;
With the ransomed congregation
    Worthy hallelujahs raise.
2  All His works are great and glorious,
    Saints review them with delight;
His redemption all victorious
    We remember day and night.
3  Strength He gives to those who fear Him,
    Of His covenant mindful still;
Wise they are who much revere Him,
    And rejoice to do His will.
4  For His grace stands fast for ever,
    His decrees the saints secure;
From His oath He turneth never,
    Every promise standeth sure.
5  Therefore be His praise unceasing,
    Be His name for ever blest;
And with confidence increasing,
    Let us on His promise rest.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1834-92