118 (1)Psalm 118 Version 1CM
O PRAISE the Lord, for He is good,
   His mercies ne’er decay:
That His kind favours ever last,
    Let thankful Zion say.
2  Their sense of His eternal love
    Let ransomed souls express:
And that it never fails let all
    Who fear the Lord confess.
3  ’Tis better far to trust in God,
    And have the Lord our Friend,
Than on the greatest human power
    For safety to depend.
4  Joy fills the dwellings of the just,
    Whom God will save from harm:
For wonders great are brought to pass
    By His almighty arm.
5  God will not suffer such to fall,
    But still prolongs their days,
That by declaring all His works,
    They shall advance His praise.
Nahum Tate, 1652-1715