119 (11)Psalm 119 Part 11
(verse 96)
LET all the world’s fair writers join
    To form a perfect book,
If once compared, O Lord, to Thine,
    How weak their notions look!
2  Not the most careful rules they gave,
    Could gain one sin forgiven,
Nor lead one step beyond the grave,
    Nor give one hope of Heaven.
3  We see an end to all we call
    ‘Perfection’ here below;
How short the powers of nature fall,
    To God they cannot go!
4  In vain we boast perfection here,
    While sin defiles our years,
And brings our virtues down so far,
    To sink in guilt and fears.
5  Our faith, our love, and every grace,
    Fall far below God’s Word;
For perfect Truth and righteousness,
    Come only from the Lord.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748