119 (12)Psalm 119 Part 12
(verses 97-112)
6 6. 6 6
O HOW I love Thy law,
   My teacher every day:
In all the woes of life,
    My wisdom and my stay.
2  What understanding broad
    Expands my willing mind:
So far beyond all else
    That in this world I find.
3  How sweet the words of God,
    Revealing from above
Such views of things divine,
    Such grace, and power, and love.
4  A lamp to guide my feet,
    A light upon my way:
This perfect Word will I
    With all my heart, obey.
5  In dangers and in trials,
    Its promises I prove;
Hold fast its counsels sure
    With gratitude and love.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust