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Hymns by Evangelical Psalter
Among His people, God is known (LM)
As pants the deer for streams of life (CM)
Bless the Lord, His servants (6 5. 6 5)
Blest be the Lord, our strength, our tower (8 8 6. 8 8 6)
Come, O our God, our souls to bless (LM)
Deceit and falsehood we abhor (LM)
Father, Son and Holy Spirit (8 7. 8 7. 8 7)
Fools in their hearts still say (SM)
For ever, Lord, Thy Word shall stand (CM)
From age to age exalt His name (LM)
Great is the Lord; O greatly praise (LM)
How blest are they who fear the Lord (LM)
How blest are they who turn to God (CM)
Humble us, Lord, before Thy Word (LM)
I cried unto the Lord my God (CM)
I lift my soul to Thee (SM)
I once despised and scorned the name (CM)
I will extol Thee, Lord, my God (CM)
In God alone we put our trust (8 7. 8 7. D)
In the Lord I’ve put my trust (7 7. 7 7. 7 7)
In times of weakness and of blight (CM)
In trouble and distress I cry (CM)
Is there glory found in cunning (8 7. 8 7)
Jesus, Lord, our strength and Saviour (8 7. 8 7)
Lord Jesus, near to Thee I’d be (CM)
Lord my God, I trust in Thee (7 7. 7 7)
Lord, my Rock, to Thee I prayed (7 7. 7 7)
Lord, when evil times hold sway (7 7. 7 7. 7 7)
May Thy mercies rest upon me (8 7. 8 7. D)
O hasten, Lord, my soul to bless (CM)
O how I love Thy law (6 6. 6 6)
O Lord, at times my heart is cold (CM)
O Lord, we have heard, for the Scriptures have told (11 11. 11 11)
O Thou, my strength, with heart oppressed (CM)
Praise ye the Lord, exalt His name (LM)
Rebuke me not in anger, Lord (CM)
Revere the Lord as King (SM)
Rulers who make themselves as gods (LM)
Save me by Thy glorious name (7 7. 7 7. 7 7)
Sing to the Lord through all the lands (LM)
Speak in Thy power, our mighty God! (LM)
Such grief was Thine, such deep distress (LM)
Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of Truth (LM)
The battles of the Lord (SM)
The kings of earth are in the hands (CM)
The Lord will hear when troubles come (CM)
The mighty God has spoken (7 6. 7 6. D)
The mighty God, the Lord, has called (CM)
The spacious earth is all the Lord’s (CM)
This race in such corruption (7 6. 7 6)
Vain and futile are the thoughts (7 7. 7 7)
We join to praise our God (6 6. 6 6)
When pain and weakness bowed His head (LM)
When Satan my accuser (7 6. 7 6. D)
When tried, O Lord, with grief and woe (LM)
Why should I so fretful be (7 7. 7 7. 7 7)
With all my heart I’ll praise the Lord (CM)

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