119 (15)Psalm 119 Part 15
(verses 129-136)
O HOW the wonders of Thy law
   My soul to rapt obedience awe!
These streams of purest knowledge yield
The Truth, in full display, revealed.
2  With growing thirst, my spirit yearned,
And with an opening mind I turned
To Thy great precepts, wise and true,
And life-imparting grace I drew.
3  By these do souls untaught before
To heights of heavenly wisdom soar;
What depths and heights Thy saints can know!
Such grace on me, great God, bestow.
4  Thy dictates to my soul convey,
And to them all conform my way;
Redeem from error’s lore my mind,
Leaving no falsehood there behind.
5  Lord, save me from oppression’s hand,
Make me obey Thy wise command;
O may Thy love upon me shine,
And make those paths of knowledge mine.
James Merrick, 1720-69