119 (3)Psalm 119 Part 3
(verses 17-24)
THY servant, saved by Thee, shall live,
   And keep Thy Word with awe;
Lord, open Thou my eyes to see
    The wonders of Thy law.
2  A pilgrim on this earth am I,
    Thy will to me reveal;
To know Thy Truth my spirit yearns,
    Possessed with ardent zeal.
3  Thou dost rebuke the proud, O Lord,
    Who scorn Thy holy name;
But since I keep Thy gracious Word,
    Deliver me from shame.
4  I on Thy statutes meditate,
    Though worldly minds deride;
This faithful Word is my delight,
    My counsellor and guide.
The Psalter, 1912‡