119 (6)Psalm 119 Part 6
(verses 41-56)
8 7. 8 7. D
MAY Thy mercies rest upon me,
   Lord, Thy promised blessing send;
Thus I’ll tell the lost around me
    Of my saving God and Friend;
May such words of witness never
    By my life be brought to shame,
Keep me free from sin’s dominion,
    Make Thy perfect will my aim.
2  May Thy promises sustain me,
    Thou hast made me hope in Thee;
This my comfort in affliction—
    That Thy Word has quickened me.
If derided by the worldling,
    Still to Thy commands I’ll cleave,
And, recalling former mercies,
    Help and comfort I’ll receive.
3  When the godless spurn and scorn Thee
    How my anguished heart is stirred!
For on this my pilgrim journey
    All my joys are from Thy Word;
Here I dwell on Thy perfections,
    All the attributes divine;
Stores of wisdom and of knowledge
    In this Word, O Lord, are mine.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust