119 (7)Psalm 119 Part 7
(verses 57-64)
THOU art my portion, O my God,
   I’m pledged to keep Thy way,
To willingly obey Thy Word,
    And act without delay.
2  If I should wander from Thy path,
    I’ll think upon my ways,
Then turn my steps to Thy commands
    And seek Thy pardoning grace.
3  At night, when duty’s clamour dies,
    I’ll call Thy works to mind;
Bid thoughts in warm devotion rise,
    And Thine acceptance find.
4  All they who own Thy saving ways
    Shall my companions be;
With them I’ll join in prayer and praise,
    In fear and love of Thee.
5  Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord;
    How good Thy works appear!
Open my eyes to know Thy Word,
    And love Thy wonders there.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡