127Psalm 1278 7. 8 7
VAIN the toiling of the builder
   Where a home knows not the Lord;
Vain the watching over loved ones
    Where there is no help from God.
2  Vain are all the years of labour,
    Times of trial and distress,
And, without God’s love and favour,
    Vain the talents we possess.
3  Vainer still the hopes of Heaven
    That on human strength rely;
But to them shall help be given
    Who in humble faith apply.
4  Let us seek the Lord’s Anointed,
    And His pardon, life and peace;
Souls are never disappointed
    Who, through Christ, their prayer address.
5  May our lives bring light and blessing
    And redemption to the young;
May they, Jesus’ love confessing,
    Swell the everlasting song.
Harriet Auber, 1773-1862