14Psalm 147 6. 7 6
THIS race in such corruption,
   Is steeped in evil deeds,
Its every aspiration,
    Tainted with selfish greed!
2  Not one among us pleases
    The eye of God above;
No thirsting seeker reaches
    To understand His love.
3  Such foolish pride, in blindness,
    Spurns God, the sovereign Lord;
Despises all His kindness,
    And scorns His gracious Word.
4  Let fall Thy rod of terror,
    Then saving grace impart;
Roll back the veil of error,
    Release the fettered heart.
5  O that the Lord’s salvation
    Were out of Zion come;
To save and heal our nation,
    And lead lost sinners home.
6  And we shall give the glory
    In gladness, Lord, to Thee,
And praise Thee for the story
    Of captive souls set free.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust