145 (2)Psalm 145 Version 2CM
LONG as I live I’ll bless Thy name,
    My King, my God of love;
My work and joy shall be the same,
    In the bright world above.
2  Great is the Lord, His power unknown,
    And let His praise be great:
I’ll sing the honours of Thy throne,
    Thy works of grace repeat.
3  Thy grace shall dwell upon my tongue;
    And, while my lips rejoice,
Many who hear my sacred song
    Shall join their cheerful voice.
4  Fathers to sons shall teach Thy name,
    And children learn Thy ways,
Ages to come Thy Truth proclaim,
    And nations sound Thy praise.
5  Thy glorious deeds of ancient date
    Shall through the world be known;
Thine arm of power, Thy heavenly state,
    With public splendour shown.
6  This world is governed by Thy hands,
    Thy saints are ruled by love;
And Thine eternal kingdom stands,
    Though rocks and hills remove.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748