148 (2)Psalm 148 Version 2CM
LET every creature join and sing
    To praise the eternal God;
Ye heavenly hosts, the song begin,
    And sound His name abroad.
2  He made the sun and stars above,
    And fixed their ordered frame;
By His command they stand or move,
    And ever show His name.
3  By all His works below, above,
    His honours are expressed,
But they who taste His saving love
    Should sing His praises best.
4  Wonder and awe by all be shown,
    His power and love to raise;
God is the Lord, His name alone
    Deserves our endless praise.
5  Let nature’s myriad works of art
    The hand divine attest;
But they who live so near His heart,
    Must sing His praises best.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡