HOW shall I praise the eternal God,
   That infinite Unknown?
Who can ascend His high abode,
    Or venture near His throne?
2  The great Invisible! He dwells
    Concealed in dazzling light;
But His all-searching eye reveals
    The secrets of the night.
3  Those watchful eyes, that never sleep,
    Survey the world around;
His wisdom is a boundless deep,
    Whose depths we cannot sound.
4  He knows no shadow of a change,
    Nor alters His decrees;
Firm as a rock His Truth remains,
    To guard His promises.
5  Justice upon an awesome throne
    Maintains the rights of God;
While mercy sends her pardons down,
    Bought with a Saviour’s blood.
6  Now to my soul, immortal King,
    Speak Thy forgiving word,
That it may be my joy to sing
    The mercies of my Lord.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748