WE praise, we worship Thee, O God,
   Thy sovereign power we sound abroad:
All nations bow before Thy throne,
And Thee the eternal Father own.
2  Loud hallelujahs to Thy name
Angels and seraphim proclaim:
The heavens and all the powers on high
With rapture constantly do cry—
3  ‘O holy, holy, holy Lord!
Thou God of hosts, by all adored;
Earth and the heavens are full of Thee,
Thy light, Thy power, Thy majesty.’
4  Apostles join the glorious throng
And swell the loud immortal song;
Prophets enraptured hear the sound
And spread the hallelujahs round.
5  Victorious martyrs join their praise
And sing the omnipotence of grace,
While all Thy Church through all the earth
Acknowledge and extol Thy worth.
6  Glory to Thee, O God most high!
Father, we praise Thy majesty,
The Son, the Spirit, we adore:
One Godhead, blest for evermore.
(Te Deum Laudamus, first part)
Gell’s Collection, 1815