CAN mortals understand or find
   The perfect, uncreated Mind?
And can the greatest human thought
Measure and search God’s nature out?
2  ’Tis high as Heaven, and deep as well;
What can mere mortals know or tell?
His glory spreads beyond the sky
And all the starry worlds on high.
3  God is a King of power unknown;
Firm are the orders from His throne;
If He resolves—who dare oppose,
Or ask Him why, or what He does?
4  Man has a soul of vast desires,
And burns within with restless fires;
In vain on earth we hope to find
Some solid good to fill the mind.
5  Where can I fix my hopes secure?
Lord, on Thy Word, which shall endure;
Enlightened by Thy heavenly ray,
My mental darkness turns to day.
6  Here, through the veil of flesh I see,
And sacred wonders dawn on me;
I see the God of power and grace,
And look into my Saviour’s face.
Cento from Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡