22 (2)Psalm 22 Version 2LM
SUCH grief was Thine, such deep distress,
   Such pain, O Christ, intense and real,
Subject to all the pangs of death,
    And such forsakenness to feel.
2  The powers of darkness hem Thee round,
    Malice with rage and hatred roar,
And human nature melts like wax,
    As life and strength to death outpour.
3  No sorrows more, no greater hurt,
    No more humiliation sore,
No greater judgement, heavier stroke,
    Has ever been, nor evermore.
4  For Thou hast borne a host of hells
    To raise our souls to life above;
That we may glorify Thy name
    And feed upon Thy glorious love.
5  Such sorrows never shall be mine!
    My Lord has borne them all away;
O may this heart to all declare
    Thy lovingkindness every day.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust