2238 7. 8 7
LET us all, with grateful praises,
    Join to bless the glorious morn,
When the Lord, the loving Jesus,
    Into human flesh was born.
2  When the heavenly host, assembled,
    Gazed with wonder from the sky,
Angels joyed, and devils trembled,
    Neither knowing fully why.
3  Long had Satan reigned imperious,
    Till the woman’s promised Seed,
Born a babe, by birth mysterious,
    Came to bruise the serpent’s head.
4  Now, our Lord, we fall before Thee,
    Saviour, God, we all adore;
To Thee—kingdom, power and glory
    Be ascribed for evermore.
5  Glory to our God be given,
    In the highest heights, and then
Peace on earth—proclaimed by Heaven—
    Peace and great goodwill to men.
Joseph Hart, 1712-68‡