25 (1)Psalm 25 Version 1SM
    I LIFT my soul to Thee,
   My trust is in Thy name;
O let me not forsaken be
    Nor ever put to shame.
2      Remember all Thy grace,
    And lead me in Thy Truth;
Forgive the error of my ways,
    And foolish sins of youth.
3      Thou, Lord, art just and kind;
    The meek shall learn Thy ways,
And every humbled sinner find
    The methods of Thy grace.
4      To saints, Lord, Thou dost show
    The secrets of Thy love:
Of covenant wonders shining so,
    And future things above.
5      Their souls shall dwell at ease;
    Their Saviour’s smiling face
Shall give their seed the promises
    Of all-surpassing grace.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust