THE Son of God, in mighty love,
   Came down to Bethlehem for me,
Forsook His throne of light above,
    An infant on the earth to be.
2  In love, the Father’s sinless Child
    Sojourned at Nazareth for me;
With sinners dwelt the Undefiled,
    The Holy One in Galilee.
3  Jesus Whom angel hosts adore,
    Became a man of griefs for me:
In love, though rich, becoming poor,
    That I, through Him, enriched might be.
4  Though Lord of all, above, below,
    He went to Olivet for me;
He drank my cup of wrath and woe,
    And bled in dark Gethsemane.
5  The ever-blessèd Son of God
    Went up to Calvary for me:
There paid my debt, there bore my load
    In His own body on the tree.
6  He finished all! the veil was rent;
    Salvation now is sure and free;
I leave behind my banishment,
    O Father, to return to Thee!
Horatius Bonar, 1808-89