27Psalm 27LM
THE Lord my Saviour is my light,
   What power against my soul shall fight?
While God, my strength, to me is near,
What foe can harm, whom shall I fear?
2  The greatest joy my heart desires,
And for which all my soul aspires,
Is in God’s house to spend my days,
My life devoted to His praise.
3  This do I seek with ceaseless care,
And God attends my earnest prayer;
Here may my soul His beauties trace,
And know the wonders of His grace.
4  When troubles rise, my guardian God
Will hide me safe in His abode!
Firm as a rock my hope shall stand,
Sustained by His almighty hand.
5  Should every earthly friend depart,
Or should I lose my parents’ heart,
Then God on Whom my hopes depend,
Will still be Father, Guide and Friend.
Anne Steele, 1717-78‡