28Psalm 287 7. 7 7
LORD, my Rock, to Thee I prayed,
    ‘Hear me! leave me not dismayed.
If denied Thy power to save,
I shall perish in the grave.
2  ‘Draw me not in wrath away
With the wicked in that day;
They who their Creator spurn;
Hearts and hands to evil turn.’
3  Blessèd be the Lord on high!
Who has heard my plaintive cry;
He, my strength, my shield, my song,
He will help me all along.
4  Therefore shall this heart rejoice;
For the Lord has heard my voice;
So my trust shall greater be
In the Lord Who cared for me.
5  Save Thy people from distress,
And Thy flock for ever bless;
Feed us with a Shepherd’s care,
Till we come Thy Heaven to share.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust