GOD, in the Gospel of His Son,
   Makes His eternal counsels known;
Here, love in richest mercy shines,
And Truth is shown in noble lines.
2  Here sinners of a humble frame,
May taste His grace and learn His name,
And see in characters of blood
The mercy of a pardoning God.
3  Here faith reveals to mortal eyes,
A brighter world above the skies;
Here shines the light which guides our way,
From earth, to realms of endless day.
4  Here wisdom all her light imparts,
To teach our minds and move our hearts;
Such influence bids the sinner live,
And makes the burdened soul revive.
5  O grant us grace, our Saviour God,
To understand Thy holy Word;
With meekness, all its Truth receive,
And by its light, for ever live.
Benjamin Beddome, 1717-95,
Thomas Cotterill, 1779-1823