351Isaiah 2:2-5CM
BEHOLD the mountain of the Lord
   In latter days shall rise
On mountain tops above the hills,
    And draw the wondering eyes.
2  To this the joyful nations round,
    All tribes and tongues shall flow,
‘Up to the hill of God,’ they’ll say,
    ‘And to His house we’ll go.’
3  The Word that shines from Zion’s hill
    Shall lighten every land;
Our Saviour-King shall teach His ways,
    And countless hearts command.
4  Among the nations He shall judge,
    And into Truth shall guide;
He many people shall rebuke,
    And quell the sinner’s pride.
5  His subjects shall be filled with love
    To harvest souls these years;
To ploughshares they shall beat their swords,
    To pruning hooks their spears.
6  His own, among the nations set,
    All racial hate disown,
And national pride subordinate
    To serve the eternal throne.
7  O ‘House of Jacob’, called of God,
    Elect from every land,
O come and walk in His great light,
    Beneath His mighty hand.
Adapted from Michael Bruce, 1746-67