36 (2)Psalm 36 Version 2CM
THY mercy and Thy Truth, O Lord,
   Transcend the lofty sky;
Thy judgements are a mighty deep,
    And as the mountains high.
2  Lord, Thou preservest man and beast;
    Since Thou art ever kind,
Beneath the shadow of Thy wings
    We may a refuge find.
3  With the abundance of Thy house
    We shall be satisfied,
From rivers of unfailing joy,
    Our thirst shall be supplied.
4  The fountain of eternal life
    Is found alone with Thee,
And in the brightness of Thy light
    We clearer light shall see.
5  From those that know Thee may Thy love
    And mercy not depart,
And may Thy righteousness protect
    And bless the upright heart.
The Psalter, 1912