WHEN wounded sore, the stricken soul
   Lies bleeding and unbound,
One hand alone, a piercèd hand,
    Can salve the sinner’s wound.
2  When conscience rends the burdened heart
    And tears of sorrow flow,
One heart alone, a broken heart,
    Can feel the sinner’s woe.
3  When deep remorse has wept in vain
    Ashamed of some foul sin,
One stream alone, a stream of blood,
    Can wash away the stain.
4  ’Tis Jesus’ blood that purges guilt,
    His power shall bring relief;
The Lord, alone, offence removes,
    And takes away our grief.
5  Uplift Thy pardoning hand, O Lord,
    Unseal Thy cleansing tide;
We have no shelter from our sin,
    But in Thy wounded side.
Cecil Frances Alexander, 1818-95‡