37 (2)Psalm 37 Version 2
(vv 23-40)
O LORD, the steps of all Thy saints
   Are ordered by Thy will;
Though they should fall, they rise again;
    Thy hand supports them still.
2  A heavenly heritage is theirs,
    Their portion and their home;
Fed here below, and made the heirs
    Of blessings yet to come.
3  Those haughty sinners, we have seen,
    Not fearing man nor God,
Just like the bay tree, fair and green,
    They spread themselves abroad.
4  But, lo! they vanish from the ground,
    Destroyed by hand unseen;
No root, nor branch, nor leaf was found,
    Where all that pride had been.
5  But mark the people of God’s grace,
    Their steps of life attend:
True pleasure runs through all their ways,
    And peaceful is their end.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748